Metrics Migration

As you may have noticed, we’re continuing to grow insanely quickly.  In order to support this growth, our clever backend engineers here at have built out an entirely new metrics system that should scale nicely with future growth while allowing us to roll out all kinds of new features for our users in the coming months.

In order to migrate to the new system, we’re going to have to sync the data from our current system.  As a consequence, historical data on the info pages will lag for the next few days until we complete the switchover.

What this means for users:

  • Any data from the “NOW” tab on the info page will be unaffected.  This displays all traffic to a url within the past hour.
  • Data from the “Past Day” tab will run several hours behind.
  • Data from the “Past Week”, “Past Month”, and “Total” tabs will be running up to one day behind.  This means that traffic counts from these tabs (and the total count in the summary box at the top of the info page) will often not reflect traffic received within the last day.
  • Because of the lag in the totals tab, it is possible that traffic received throughout the day may not be immediately reflected the following day, and a bitly url that previously showed clicks may for a period of time show zero clicks until the previous day’s data has been rolled up into the historical system.
  • No data will be lost.  If someone clicked on your link, we have registered and stored that click.  There will simply be a bit of a lag until it is registered in our metrics system (although as stated before, anything within the “NOW” tab will continue to register immediately).
  • Once we complete the migration to our new metrics system, all of these lags in data will disappear, and things should operate more smoothly.