Do kittens really rule the Internet?

  We long ago crowned cats the kings of the internet, but is   that really the case? What data supports their reign?

  And, with Thanksgiving approaching, might the turkey be   competitive?

  We went deep into the bitly data to discover which   animals really rule the internet, and the answer might   surprise you:

While cats have a respectable lead, the winner is clear — dogs are 37% of the total results in the cute animal set, and feature in 50% more pages than cats!

  Our favorite dinner bird gave a strong showing, however, hovering   between monkeys and bears. If we dive into the turkey-based content,   we see an amazing knitted hat (left), the basic roast turkey recipe   from RealSimple and, of course, a LOLTurkey.

  We wish you a happy Thanksgiving filled with delicious food, cute   animals, and entertaining URLs!