Meet The Bundles!

Since we launched Bundles on Monday evening, our users have created over 14,000 bundles of links! We’ve seen bundles of recipes, bundles of Complexity Dilberts, bundles of news, bundles of design, bundles of music, bundles of photos, bundles of fonts, bundles of domain name registrars, bundles of BBC, bundles of bundles, and bundles more. We’ll be sharing some of our favorite at @bitlybundles - let us know if you have a bundle to show off!

To make bundling even easier, you can now bundle links from anywhere on the web with our Sidebar bookmarklet. Just drag this Sidebar link to your browser’s bookmark bar (1), then click it while you’re on any page you’d like to bundle.

At the bottom of the sidebar, you will find a list of your 10 most recently shortened links (2), including your current location. Just select the links you’d like to bundle, hit the “Bundle” button, and voila! The links you have selected can now be reordered, annotated, and shared with a single short URL.

If you’d like to add your own spin to another user’s bundle, you can easily recreate and remix that bundle using the “Clone Bundle” button:

Once you’ve cloned a bundle, you can reorder and modify it however you’d like — you can even include a link to the original bundle to show where you got started. Happy bundling!