SOPA and PIPA on the social web - right now!

The social web is exploding with SOPA and PIPA related content today! We’re seeing nearly ten clicks per second on the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s “Stop the Internet Blacklist Legislation”, over two clicks per second on SOPA related web pages, and almost 1 click a second on PIPA related web pages.
The top few most popular pages, of over the 12400 current URLs we’re seeing people share on SOPA and PIPA, include:

And here is a time series plot that shows how the social web woke up today and clicked on shared links about SOPA and PIPA:

The red line is SOPA and the blue line is PIPA. The x-axis here is time (in UTC; add 5 to get EST and 8 to get PST) and the y-axis shows clicks per second every half an hour.
Here at bitly we’re excited to see this important message propagating quickly, even if the wikipedia blackout means we cannot brain today