Shortening Your Links & More

Huge thanks to everyone who tried out the new bitly yesterday, and to those who have taken the time to provide feedback! We’ve always seen bitly as a central place for online sharing and saving of your links. With the new look and feel, we’ve clearly heard the concerned feedback of our users who were used to the old bitly and relied on our service for daily usage. Learning from our users has always been an integral part of our development process, particularly in the past 6 months, where we worked with hundreds of beta testers — both old and new users — to incorporate ideas and suggestions for this new version of bitly. We’ll continue to quickly iterate based on what we hear from all of you, so keep the feedback coming!

For those of you used to the old bitly interface, here are three quick tips to speed up your tasks:

  1. To shorten a link, paste the URL into the Add a bitmark box in the top right corner then hit Save. Your shortlink will immediately appear in the top of your bitmarks list — or if you’re on a different page at bitly, in a banner across the top of the screen.  Click the “copy” button next to the link to copy to your clipboard.

  2. Need the shortlink to one of your existing bitmarks? Click its  button in the ‘Your stuff’ view. The expanded view also shows the click count on your bitly link, aggregate click count, and the option to customize the link by clicking on the pencil.  (Power user tip: You can bulk expand all of your bitmarks at once by pressing the shift-i combo on your keyboard. There are more helpful keyboard shortcuts you can discover by pressing the ? key.)

  3. Head to the Stats page for even more detailed click counts and charts than we had before. You can now see how many people have saved any link, see the historic trends of clicks on your links over the past seven days, and more.


Again, we want to stress that the new bitly will continue to evolve based on your feedback. In fact, we’re already pushing one such change live. Now when you save a new bitmark via the “Add Bitmark” bar, its shortlink and stats will automatically appear in your recent history, so you can more quickly grab the shortlink directly in addition to using our improved one-step sharing tools for Twitter, Facebook, and email.

This is just the first of many changes and enhancements we’re making in the coming days and weeks. Be sure to follow us here and on Twitter for all the latest updates or shoot us an email at to share your thoughts if you haven’t already.