Summary Stats

For a long time, our users have been requesting summarized views of their click data. Today, we have taken the first in a series of steps to expose a summary of data across all of your links.

At the top of your history, you’ll see a small chart displaying your overallday by day click traffic for the last week, along with a click total and a link to your summary stats page (available at ). ¬†On your summary page, you can see a view of the sites and countries where people are clicking on all of the links you have created.

The Clicks Report shows which days over the past week drive the most click traffic. Digging into the Referrer Report will give you an idea of which distribution channels and partner sites are generating the most clicks on your links. Likewise, the Location Report will help identify in which countries you are running the most successful distribution and marketing using your links.

Currently, your summary stats are only available for the past week, but within the next few weeks we’ll make a month-long aggregate view available as well.