Use bundles to share links around a theme

tasty recipes, music you love, places you want to travel to…

Sometimes, one bitmark just isn’t enough to say all that you want to say. The web is full of wonders, and sometimes these wonders are best presented side-by-side on a single page. With bitly bundles, you can create an ordered list of *any* links from around the web — articles, YouTube videos, images — whatever you’d like! You can use bitly bundles to make shopping lists, multimedia playlists, sets of related articles — anything where you want to have more than one link on the same page! If the link you add to a bundle has a video or image attached, we’ll even fetch it for you and display it right on the bundle page.

And, like most collections of awesome things, bitly bundles are perfect for collaboration. You can invite up to twelve friends to curate a bundle with you — and you’ll be able to see exactly who added which link and when. Curators can comment on each individual link, and anyone can comment on the entire bundle if shared publicly.  

Just like bitmarks, bundles are super-easy to share to Twitter, Facebook, email, or anywhere!

Ready to start bundling? It’s easy to add links from your saved bitmarks, or from anywhere on the web. Here’s how:

Easily bundle your bitmarks, and curate your links around a theme

Have a bunch of bitmarks you’d like to put into a bundle? That’s easy! Just go to “Your stuff,” check off the bundles you’d like to start with, and click “bundle.” You can add these bitmarks to an existing bundle, or create a brand new one. (If you’re browsing the web and find a page that would be *perfect* in one of your bundles, you can also add it to a bundle right from the bitmarklet, or the Chrome extension).

Voila! Once you’ve made a new bundle, you can easily find it in the “Bundles” section under “My Stuff.”

Invite collaborators to curate a bundle together

Know somebody who has killer taste in music? Looking to plan a vacation together with friends? It’s easy to invite your friends to bundle along with you! Once they’ve been added as curators, they can add their own bitmarks to your bundle. The links they’ve added will be attributed, so you can see exactly who has contributed which bitmarks to your shared bundles. Just click the “Add a curator” button under the list of bundle curators on the right, and you can invite someone using either their email address or their bitly username. They will receive an email inviting them to join you.

Make your bundle public or private

Want to make a private bundle to be shared among close friends? Using bundles as a better way to organize your own bitmarks? You can always click “Make private” on the right of the bundle screen to make sure your bundle is only seen by designated curators. A private bundle will not show up in your profile page or in your friends’ Network view, and the bundle page itself will not display for people who are not explicitly marked as curators.

Leave comments on each individual link

See something you like? You can leave a comment on any bitmark in a public bundle, *or* save and share it with your own bitly account directly from the bundle page!

Share bundles with your friends

You can easily share any public bundle to Twitter, Facebook and email. Just click the “Share bundle” button under the bundle’s title and description. If you want to just save the bundle as a bitmark, or get a short link, you can save the bundle’s long URL via or the bitmarklet, just as you would with any other long URL.

Note that if your bundle is private, the “Share bundle” button will not appear. If you decide you’d like to share your bundle with the world, just click “Make bundle public” on the right of the bundle page, and the “Share bundle” button will appear immediately.


We’re excited to make bundles even better; if you have any questions or feedback, just drop us a line at Happy bundling!

P.S. If you’re curious to see the music we’ve been enjoying here at bitly HQ, you can check out this bundle here: The Best Music.