bitly tricks! Bulk actions

for easier bundling, privacy setting, and archiving

Bulk actions make it easy to do something to a lot of your bitmarks at once, such as bundling them or changing their privacy. They make it easier and faster for you to do what you want with your saved links. 

So, how do you perform a bulk action? First, click on ‘Your stuff’. Select the checkbox of the bitmarks you’d like to bundle, mark private/public, or archive (upper left of the individual bitmark). 

Looking to mark all your links public or private? Simply click the checkbox next to one bitmark, and the dropdown will appear. Select ‘All # bitmarks’ in the dropdown and click on ‘public’ or ‘private’. Public bitmarks appear in your network view and public profile. You can always click on the lock to the left of a bitmark to make an individual bitmark private or public too.

Interested in creating a bundle or adding to an existing one out of links you’ve already saved? Select the checkboxes of the bitmarks you’d like to bundle, click on ‘bundle’, and select the bundle you’d like to add to. You can also ‘create a new bundle’ on the spot.

Decide you’d like to remove bitmarks from your list? Archive the links, and they’ll disappear from your list of bitmarks. You can unarchive a bitmark at any point.

We hope bulk actions make it just a bit easier to organize your bitmarks.