Discover new stuff through bitly profiles

If you’ve been a bitly user for a while, you’ve always had the option of making your account private or public, and if the latter, you also had a profile filled with your public links. With the new bitly, we’ve enhanced profiles and made it possible to also mark individual links private or public. This is so you can can decide who sees certain bitmarks. Everyone on bitly gets a public profile where all their public bitmarks with notes are shared. These are also the bitmarks that appear in your friends and followers network view.

We’ve also made it possible for you to add your full name in your settings under ‘identity’. That isn’t just because we strive to be polite — with the new bitly your name is associated with your profile. You can add or change your picture and name in your settings at any point. We also let you decide whether or not your profile surfaces your connected social networks (Twitter and Facebook). We want you to be able to make your profile representative of you. 

Take a look at Danielle’s profile below (blogger behind We Wore What):

Wonder what other interesting stuff people are reading and sharing on bitly through their profiles? Now, you can do that by clicking on a user’s picture throughout the site. If you’re looking for the profiles of people you follow on Twitter and Facebook, you can find them in ‘Your network’ view. Like what someone is sharing? Hover over a user’s picture to see how you’re connected and find general save info. Click on their picture below the bitmark to enter their profile.

Notice on your bitmark’s stat page that other people have shared the same bitmark as you? These people may not be in your network, but you may be interested in seeing what bitmarks they’ve saved on their profile. Click on their picture right from there to discover their interesting links.  

Psst…here’s a pro tip! You can add a ‘+’ to the end of any bitly link, and enter it into your browser to land on a bitmark’s stats page. From there, you’ll see who else has shared the bitmark across the bitly universe. 

We’ve revamped the profile page to add this extra layer of discovery, and we hope that you start exploring. You never know what awesome bitmark you’ll find. Your public profile represents you, so have fun with it.