Building with bitly: Updates to Our Open API

Since its humble beginnings nearly four years ago, bitly has always believed in the power of open APIs. Along with the recent updates we’ve made to our website, bitmarklet and Chrome Extension, we’ve opened up a whole bunch of new functionality via our free and public API. For example, you can now easily retrieve your entire history of bitmarks (or the public bitmarks for another user) with the /v3/user/link_history method. You can also save a new bitmark with a title and notes using the /v3/user/link_save method. We’ve also opened up the ability to create, manage and retrieve bundles using the bitly API.

Some of our favorite applications are already using this new API functionality to make it easy to save and share your bitmarks from anywhere! For example, the excellent iPhone/iPad Twitter client Tweetbot allows you to set up bitly as a “Read Later” service, so you can bitmark interesting links you find from within the app. Just select bitly as the “Read Later” service in your settings, click the arrow icon at the lower-right of the piece of content you’d like to bitmark, and select “Send to bitly.”

If you’re looking to cook up a killer mashup of your favorite web services, we are extremely stoked about the new bitly channel on the ever-awesome IFTTT. Want to back up all your bitmarks to a text file on Dropbox? Want to automatically save all your Instagram photos as public bitmarks? There are all kinds of recipes already cooked up, or you can make your own!

We’re excited to see these new API features in all kinds of applications! You can find our developer website at, complete with API documentation, example outputs, and information about registering an application with bitly. If you have any questions or need help getting started, don’t hesitate to contact us directly at We look forward to hearing from you!