Pro, Labs, and Pro is off to a good start.  We launched on Monday night and over 1,000 publishers and bloggers had contacted us by Tuesday asking to sign up.  Our new Pro point person, Greg Battle — you can reach him at — is frenetically provisioning partners. Recent additions include Defenders of Wildlife, gdgt, icanhascheezburger, Mashable, MTV Networks, Ning, Chris Sacca, seriouslymedia, Stocktwits, Techcrunch, and Typepad.

While G. Battle has been working to scale out the Pro service, our dev team decided to launch a little something for the holidays: Labs.  The first project in the labs is, the super-short link-shrinker that we pushed out a few months ago. It’s been gaining market share, and is now one of the biggest little URL shorteners. Every character counts.

Second. For a while now, as we’ve watched grow to more than 2 billion clicks a month, we’ve thought about the best way to surface our “top bits” — the most interesting, most quickly-trending links across the whole of the service. We decided to start with a bite-sized approach. Our second Labs project showcases the most viral videos shared on We call it TV is like the internet itself. There are parts of it that are terribly serious and important — like the footage of students battling the basiji on the streets of Tehran — alongside other bits, like the upside-down French bulldog puppy and the Ukelele kid, meant to surprise and delight. Our friends at feedtrace helped us to develop the prototype; we also want to thank the team at for their assistance.

Please take a look at, and tell us what you think!