Let’s Get Ready to bundle!

Have you ever had this problem…

You find a handful of delicious recipes across the web and want one place to save and find them later?

You’re brainstorming with your coworkers and wish you had a way for everyone to share and organize resources together in one place?

You’re a savvy traveler and have tips for a friend’s next big trip, but don’t know the easiest way to share them?

Here’s how bitly bundles will help you

Use bundles to organize and share all those links you find on one page. Create a bundle for yourself or invite your friends to bundle with you. It’s up to you whether the bundle is public or private. Once you’re done bundling you can easily share the page with others through one link. Recipes, travel tips, brainstorms- all are interesting ways to use bundles to collaborate, organize, and share.


Get set up to bundle

1. Sign up for a bitly account right here.

2. Download the Chrome Extension or bitmarklet, so that you can easily save a link from any browser here

3. Now, bundle any link you visit right from your browser. Click on the bitmarklet or Chrome Extension, and then “Add to bundle”.

That’s it!


Once you start exploring, you’ll discover all the interesting features inside. Below are some example bundles to get you started. Want to know more about bundling? Read on here.

"Happy National Smores Day!"

"Best Things to Do in August"

"Food Spots Near the New Office"

"Handbags for an ‘11 inch Macbook Air"

Ready to start bundling? Can’t wait to see what you whip up! Share your bundles with us in the comments below or tweet at @bitly.