Easily Save and Share the Links You Love

Ever find a link on the web that you’d like to save for later or share with someone else? An article on the election? A tasty recipe for Labor Day festivities? A hilarious video on YouTube? bitly makes it easy to save all the awesome stuff you discover, and share it with the people you care about. We call these saved links bitmarks. 

We’ve continued to improve our save and share flow based on feedback from the bitly community. Today we rolled out some more updates. Here is what you can expect to see:

  • Streamlined link saving via the bitmarklet, homepage, bundle, profile and network views, with clearer calls to action for sharing, bundling and annotating your bitmarks.
  • A new workflow for sharing links to Twitter and Facebook, with enhanced network-specific previews.
  • A separate workflow for sharing to email, with more room for your message.

Saving your links made easy

1. Use the ‘paste a link’ bar in the upper right while logged in.

2. Use the Chrome Extension or bitmarklet (you’ll only have to set this up once)

If you use Safari, Internet Explorer, or Firefox you’ll want to use the bitmarklet tool. Grab it here.

Use Chrome? Install the Chrome Extension. Download here.

Once you’re set up, you can save any links you find on the web directly from your browser.

3. Interested in sharing what you just saved? Share immediately by clicking on the email or connected account icons.

Sharing to multiple destinations at the same time 

On bitly, you can share directly to your Facebook friends, Twitter followers, any email, or through bitly’s own Network view.

To get started sharing with Twitter and Facebook click here. The social accounts you add will be instantly available for sharing however you use bitly, whether it’s through our website, iPhone app, bitmarklet or Chrome Extension.

Also, check out the new previews for your shares. You can select the thumbnail you’d like to appear in your Facebook share and see how it will appear on either Facebook, Twitter, or both before you confirm.

Want to email the bitmark to someone or a group of people directly? Select the email icon, add a note, and send away. 

Find an interesting bitmark in your Network view that you’d like to share? You can do that too. Share what you find to your connected accounts or to any email right from there.

Share links you’ve previously saved

Decide you’d like to share a link you saved a few days ago or last year? Just search for any associated URL, title, or notes in your bitmark list. You’ll find the saved bitmark and be able to share from your stuff view.


We hope you enjoy playing around with saving and sharing on bitly! Share any particularly amazing finds in the comments below or tweet at @bitly.