Your favorite recipes wherever you are

You’re at the supermarket and can’t remember the ingredients for the dish you plan to make. You’re at your computer and can’t find the recipe you saw last week. You’re in the kitchen and can’t recall the secret ingredient. You need a way to organize and rediscover all those recipes you want to make. You need bitly. 

Save all those tasty recipes you find in one place

Download the Chrome Extension or bitmarklet, so that you can save any link you find on the web directly from your browser. We call these saved links bitmarks. Add a note or a hashtag like #recipeparty, #recipecookie, etc., so that you can group, search and find the recipes in your bitly account later. Get started saving here

Find your saved recipes again quickly

All of your saved bitmarks will be searchable within your bitly account. Just go to your list of bitmarks, enter a keyword, note, or hashtag and the link to the recipe you’re looking for will appear. This way you can quickly find your recipes whenever you decide to spend time in the kitchen or need to double check the ingredients. Learn more about organizing your saved bitmarks.

You can also bundle your recipes. Bundles let you organize many links around a theme. So, let’s say you have ten delicious cookie recipes that you’d love to try- bundle them. Here’s an example. Intrigued? Read more about bitly bundles.

Bring your recipes on the go

Prep work starts outside of the kitchen when you are picking up ingredients or thinking about what to cook. The new bitly iPhone app lets you instantly view your saved recipes anywhere, anytime. Quickly search your bitmarks at the store, on your way home from work, or at your desk. There’s also offline reader mode for when you find yourself without wifi. Find a tasty recipe on your phone? Save it directly to your account via the bitly app. Download the iPhone app to view and save your bitmarks on the go.

Share the recipe with the people you care about

When your friends ask for the recipe (because what you made was amazing) you’ll be able to easily share it with them. Share with your Twitter followers, Facebook friends, or any email with bitly. Here’s how.


Ready to share your recipes? We’ll start. Serious Eats Sweets, Cookie-Stuffed Cookies. Warm, chewy and simply the best. Let us know what you’re whipping up next in the comments or tweet @bitly.