Sharing your expertise with bundles

Photographer: Eric Vance, EPA Chief Photographer

It’s flattering to be deemed an expert on a topic or activity you love. A savvy traveler on a shoestring, an animated gif connoisseur, or someone who knows the best places to track storms. Whatever your expertise may be you’re bound to be asked for advice often. You might have many resources from across the web that you want to share, but how do you do that quickly and easily? 

Use bundles.

Bundles let you organize links (we call these bitmarks) you find on the web around a theme, topic or idea all on one page. Invite your friends to collaborate with you or organize solo. Any bundle can be marked private, so that only you and any invited collaborator(s) can view the information inside. What’s great is that you can also include comments under each bitmark. Once you’re ready, share the bundle easily using one link. Learn more about bundling.

Speaking of experts, we found one in the the bitly community. Sidney Ross Terry compiled helpful weather and storm spotter support tools for the next time you hear a storm is coming your way. Take a look at Sidney’s bundle, “Weather Tools”.

Bundle your own tips and resources for whatever it is you know best, and share them in the comments or tweet @bitly.