Organize and share your reading list

(Photo via Apartment Therapy)

Sometimes there can be an overwhelming amount of stuff you’d like to read or want to recommend to others. Those books you can’t put down. The articles that make you laugh. The links you find that educate you on a topic you knew little about before and know someone else will learn from. How do you organize and share all these links using bitly? 

Professor Sree Sreenivasan, the Chief Digital Officer at Columbia School of Journalism uses bundles to organize and share all the books he receives and tweets about. bundles let you organize many links around a theme, topic, or idea all on one page. They’re particularly handy when creating a list that you can easily update whenever you have new links to add. Interested in checking out Sree’s reading list? Take a look at his bundle, “Collection of New Books I Tweet”.

Huge, an international design and digital agency, does weekly roundups every Friday called, “The 5 things we read this week.” They curate links into a bundle and share it with their Twitter following. It’s a nice quick and lightweight way to share many links easily using one link.

Kathryn Fink, Meetup’s Community Lead used a bundle to share all the links she presented at the NYC Community Manager meetup. The last five minutes of the meetup are devoted to sharing 5 useful tools for Community Managers and is called a “High-5”.  Instead of the attendees frantically writing down Kathryn’s list of helpful links, she shared a bundle for everyone to read and use later.

Bundles aren’t the only way to share your reading list. Everyone has a public profile on bitly where all publicly marked links are shared. You can add notes to each bitmark too. Go to your bitly account, and check out your profile. Share it wherever you want, so that everyone can see what you’re reading.

Using bitly to share links in an interesting way? We’d like to hear about it. Share in the comments below or tweet @bitly.