Public and Private – What’s the difference?

Every time you save a link or create a bundle with bitly, you can decide whether it’s public or private. Those can be loaded terms when it comes to the Internet, so we thought we’d explain exactly what “public” and “private” mean on bitly.

Public bitmarks and bundles will be displayed on your public profile page, and may appear in your friends’ Network view. Your username and a link to your public profile will be visible on the bitly info “+” page for any bitmark that you’ve publicly saved.

Private bitmarks and bundles will not be publicly associated with your bitly account: they won’t appear on your profile or in your friends’ Network view, and your username will not appear on their info pages.

Private bundles can only be seen by their owner and curators, and are not published publicly by bitly.

There are several easy ways to change your privacy settings. Head to to chose how your bitmarks and bundles should save by default. Or manage each bitmark individually using the padlock located to the left of the bitmark in your list.

Privacy settings can be changed at any time. You can even use bulk actions to edit privacy settings for many bitmarks at once.

Interested in finding your private or public bitmarks later? Use the drop down search menu in your bitmarks list to quickly filter your private or public links.

If you have any questions or concerns about the difference between public and private links, please feel free to contact us at support(at) We’d love to hear from you.