Save and share links right from your browser

Looking to easily save and share all the stuff you find across the web? bitly’s Chrome extension will help you do exactly that. Any link can be quickly saved and shared right from your browser. Don’t use Chrome? Check out our handy bitmarklet.

We’ve made some updates to the bitly Chrome extension that make it faster and easier for you to save and share all the links you find across the web. Here’s what you can now do:

• View multi-network previews, so you can see exactly how your message will look on Twitter and Facebook before posting or tweeting.

• Customize your shortlinks from within the extension.

• Move between tabs and windows without the bitly popup becoming deactivated. 

Getting started using the Chrome extension

It only takes seconds to start using the Chrome extension. Once you install the Chrome extension you’ll be able to quickly save any web page to your bitly account right from your browser by clicking on the puffer icon. 


In search of more speed? Save and shorten any page with one click, by clicking the gear icon on the lower-right and selecting “1-click save and shorten”.

Choose whether the link you save is private or appears in your public profile, add the link to a bundle, or create a new bundle with the link you just saved. Want to simply grab the shortlink? The extension can automatically copy the shortlink for your new bitmark to your clipboard. Go to your Chrome settings to set this up (right click the puffer icon and select ‘settings’ and ‘options’). You can also click on the shortlink to copy and share wherever you want.

Share the link to Twitter, Facebook or any email. You’ll see a preview of what your tweet or post will look like before sharing.
We hope you dive in! Download the Chrome extension to get started. Already using it? The Chrome extension will automatically update itself to the new version.