Introducing bundles on the iPhone app!

Today we’re excited to share an updated bitly iPhone app (download here) that now includes bundles. This is a big update that will let you do even more with your links while on the go. 

Bundles help you organize the links you save around a theme. Travel tips, recipes, research on a topic- anything! They’re also handy for collaborating with others- brainstorming with coworkers, dinner party planning, resource sharing. Having bundles on your phone means you can now browse the contents of your existing bundles, create new ones, add and remove links from your bundles and collaborate with others wherever you are.

This update also makes sharing and commenting on bundles easy. Continue the conversation wherever you are. Just select the bundle you’d like to view, and add your comment underneath the bitmark. Share to Twitter, Facebook or any email once your bundle is ready to go. Want to keep it private? Make sure the lock under the bundle description reflects that.

Ready to see the new iPhone app? Download or update now. With this update we’ve made it easier for you to share and organize your links and collaborate with others. You’ll also notice that the app is optimized for iOS6 and the brand new iPhone 5.