Sharing your upcoming events using bundles

Bundles are particularly helpful when you find yourself wanting to share a bunch of links at the same time. Bundles let you organize your links, add comments, curate with your friends, and share it all using one link. 

There are many ways bundles can be used (trip planning, resource sharing, recipe collecting). Bundles also help you organize and share all the events happening in your community. Maybe you’re planning a fall themed weekend and need a way to save all  the activities you’d like to attend? Or you’re in charge of a meetup, organization, or university that holds lots of events and want an easy way to remind your community of what’s happening? Whatever the events may be- bundles make it easier for people to discover what’s happening and where.

Duke University shares a weekly bundle of events with their student body that is a selection of film screenings, guest speakers, and info sessions that students should not miss that week. At bitly, we create bundles of all the events team members will be attending or speaking at during the month. It’s a nice way to see what everyone is up to when they’re out of the office and lets us easily share where we’ll be with the wider community. Interested in knowing what events the bitly team will be at this October? Check out our bundle, “bitly out and about in October”.

You can also use a bundle to plan out the events you’d like to attend. Want to have your list at the tip of your fingers? Just download the bitly iPhone app (now with bundles!).

Some tips to keep in mind when bundling

  • Write a description: Let people know what your bundle is all about. If you add a URL it will hyperlink.
  • Invite Curators: Easily collaborate with others who might also be interested in attending the events or are somehow involved in what you’re sharing. You can invite up to 12 curators. They’ll receive an invite asking to join you.
  • Add comments: Comments will let you have a conversation between curators and give you the opportunity to include as much additional information as you’d like in your bundle. Maybe it’s an extra tidbit about the event, a tip on how to get there, a way to get in touch with the speaker directly, or a fun detail about the event that isn’t included in the link you’re sharing.

That’s it! Have a bundle ready to go? Share your bundles with us in the comments below or tweet @bitly.