Using bundles to communicate within your organization

A few weeks ago we spotted some awesome bundles created by Huge, a digital agency based in Brooklyn. Each week they create a bundle with five links to interesting articles. The bundle is shared internally with the entire agency and then posted on their social media accounts. We loved this idea and talked to their Communications team to learn more about Huge and how they use bitly.

The Huge office in DUMBO, Brooklyn.

Tell us a little about Huge.
Huge is a digital agency that provides business strategy, design, marketing and technology services to some of the world’s largest businesses and best-known brands. We’re based in DUMBO, Brooklyn, but we have offices in Los Angeles, London, Rio de Janeiro, Portland, San Francisco and Washington, D.C.

How do you use bitly?
We use bitly to convert links to our custom domain,, whenever we share on Twitter or Facebook. We’ll also use bitly to shorten long URLs to make them look neat and branded in emails to clients. Every week, we create a bitly bundle of links to five articles that our Strategy team read and found interesting. We call it the Huge Download and it’s curated by various members of our Strategy team. We share the bundle in an email to Huge employees, as well as on Facebook and Twitter.

What has Huge discovered through using bundles?
It’s interesting to see what types of content are most interesting to Huge employees. We test various headline copy styles and different article types and take a look at how the click-through rates vary. It’s no surprise that provocative headlines get the highest click-throughs, while data-intense or research-heavy articles have lower activity. Through testing, we’ve also found that mid-morning on Monday is a sweet spot for our group.

We’re in the process of looking at the last year of bitly data and putting together an “agency profile” based on reading habits. We hope to uncover some interesting insights about our group. We’re also designing a survey to better understand what our team wants to see more of, and how they’re using the information – we know that some people have used it for projects or have sent the articles to clients.

How have bundles helped impact the office culture?
Bundles have definitely helped keep everyone informed of the latest digital trends and news. Most Huge employees read so many different articles that it’s been good for our Strategy group to be able to organize a discussion around a finite list of pieces each week. It has given more people in the organization, like those in the design and technology disciplines, access to Huge’s strategic thinking. It also helps our strategists get feedback and ideas from people outside their group.

Do you have any tips or best practices for those who want to get started bundling?
bundles are a great communication tool for us. We use them to share information and package up disparate links, so a best practice would be to continually monitor and watch performance. Analytics are so important everywhere, so to see and understand how bundles are working as a communication tool helps inform our communication decisions. The analytics make it easy to see what’s working, what’s not, and what changes need to be made.

The Huge office in DUMBO.

Want to start using bundles in your office? Learn the basics here. We’d also love to hear how you use bundles in your everyday life. Reach out to us at community[at], or leave a comment below.