Understanding your bitly stats page

How many of your followers have read the latest article you shared on Twitter or Facebook? Did the people on your mailing list open the link include in your latest email newsletter? Are you ever curious where the people who clicked on your link are located?  The stats page answers all these questions for you.

When you sign up for a bitly account, you gain access to a stats page. In addition to total click counts for your link you can also see referral breakdowns and click counts over the past 30 days represented in a bar graph. With these stats you can gain a better understanding of how active your links are across the web.

Individual Bitmark Stats

When you head to your stats page, the first thing you’ll see is a list of your most recently saved bitmarks. For additional information on any bitmark click the title. Next to each bitmark will be stats for clicks via your shortlink, total clicks, and total saves.  

What do these mean?

Clicks via your shortlink- How many total clicks your bitmark has received
Total Clicks
- Click count for all saved bitmarks that direct to that long URL
Total Saves
- How many users have saved this long URL as a bitmark

Bar Graph

The bar graph shows click counts and the number of links created over the past 30 days. Use the dropdown menu to the right of the bar graph to change the timeframe of reported stats. You can even set up a tracking domain to see all click traffic to your site from bitly links.

Pie Graphs 

Two pie graphs are located underneath the bar graph. The ‘Referrers’ pie graph shows traffic referrals from different sources online.  The ‘Locations’ graph gives a representation of what countries your clicks are coming from.

With your stats page you can gain a better idea of how active your bitmarks are on the web and where their click traffic is driven from. Still have questions? Let us know in the comments or shoot an email to support@bitly.com. We’d be happy to help.