Shorten your links faster!

Want to quickly grab a shortlink? Our recently revamped logged out shorten page makes it easier for you to do exactly that. Just go to, and paste a long URL into the shorten box. You’ll see the aggregate click count (total clicks generated by anyone who shared that same URL using bitly) along with a preview of the link. You’ll also see how many people saved the same URL using bitly and the number of people who have shared it on Facebook or Twitter.

When you shorten using the logged out page we only store your latest 10 links, so if you’re interested in saving and storing more links you’ll want to sign up for a free bitly account. We’ll import your latest 10 links directly into your new account. When you’re logged in you get to see the specific number of clicks generated for your own bitly link. That means you can easily track how many people are reading the content you share. You can learn more about the advantages of signing up for a bitly account here

Let us know your questions or thoughts! Get in touch with us at or tweet at @bitly.