Using bitly to gain insights and collaborate

We love seeing all the ways that our community is using bitly to gain insights and make their lives easier. Alisha Miranda is one of these people- a Digital Strategist, productivity hacker, and bitly enthusiast. This week, we asked Alisha a few questions about her work and bitly. Without further ado meet Alisha.


Tell us a little about yourself and the type of work you do.

I’m a Digital Content & PR Consultant based out of New York City. I run press campaigns around lifestyle, culture, and technology companies. I geek out over start-ups, digital media, good design, and I have a thing for travel.

What are a few of your favorite links or blogs? 

Every day I’m Tumblin’, which means I can’t get enough of TV fandom blogs on there. I also love IFTTT, the Netted newsletters, FiftyThree’s Paper site, anything by KinfolkMagazine, Tastespotting, and the list goes on.

How do you use bitly?

Personally, its been my link-shortener for years. Most recently, I’ve used bitly bundles to collect items on the web for my Christmas wish list, which I’ve then shared with my mom so she can get a better idea of what I want. It’s a continually updated list, so she can check the public bundle anytime she wants and can find the source of where to buy the gift. She actually called me this weekend saying she had the list pulled up on her iPhone as she was Christmas shopping - score!

I also just started using bitly bundles as part of content strategy for my clients. We create a group bundle, add ourselves as curators, then pool in interesting links from around the web - anything from photo slideshows, videos, news articles, to competitor press - to then share on our social networks if applicable. We also add in notes about why this link matters and if/when we should share with our social media audience. Every week we check the list to make sure each link has been responded to if needed. It’s pretty neat!

What are some ways that bundles have helped you collaborate with others?

I often work with people who may be tech-savvy but don’t have the time or energy to deal with curating the web for interesting content. I’m a big believer of reading the internet and finding tools to help you be more productive. So, with bitly it’s a super simple, quick process to teach others. Plus, it’s a way to exchange and manage content in one place. Bonus points to people like me who hate numbers - the analytics behind your links are straightforward and easy to understand. You can immediately see what links work, and which ones don’t.

What are some of your favorite productivity hacks?

Everything related to email and calendar management. I use IFTTT religiously. I also love Mail Merge and Boomerang for email stuff. Evernote has been my backup plan for a while now…

Anything else…

I recommend using bitly if you want to be a good internet user. No long URLs ever!


Interested in stats? Get an overview here. Want to start using bundles for work or fun? Learn the basics here. We’d also love to hear how you use bitly. Reach out to us at community[at], or leave a comment below.