Bundling your wish list for the holidays & beyond

Tired of getting socks year after year? Need one place to keep your holiday shopping lists? Bundles make it easier for you to keep track of your holiday shopping and share your wish list with others. A bundle lets you save links on one page and share them all using one link. You can add comments, make the bundle private or public, and invite curators to the bundle if you’d like. 

It’s never too late to send out a wish list to your family or friends. Here’s how to get started:

1. Log into your bitly account. Don’t have one? Sign up here.

2. Download the Chrome extension or bitmarklet, so that you can easily save and bundle links via your browser. 

3. Click ‘add to bundle’ from the Chrome extension or bitmarklet to add links to your bundle. You can also create a bundle while logged in.

4. Write a description and comments if you want under each link.

5. Add curators to help you add links and comments to your bundle.


Have to pick up some last minute gifts at the store? Keep track of your list on the go with the bitly iPhone app


Check out the wish list bundle featured in this post here. We’d also love to see how you’re bundling. Share your bundle link in the comments below or tweet at @bitly. Happy holidays!