Introducing the new bitmarks list view!

Viewing click counts, grabbing the shortlink, and sorting your links from your bitmarks list just got a lot easier with today’s update. Thank you to the bitly community for sharing your feedback with us. We’ve made these updates with all of you in mind. Here is what you can now do:

View clicks on your shortlink at a glance. Easily see how many clicks your shortlink received. Want to learn more detailed info about your link? Just click on the ‘i’ icon where it says ‘view stats’.

Grab your shortlink faster. Click on ‘copy’ and you’re done. Share the link wherever you want.

Sort your saved links. Now you can sort your links in your bitmarks list & stats page by number of clicks, date created & alphabetical order. 


Like before, you can mark any link public or private, add it to a bundle and include a note if you want. We hope these updates make it easier for you to organize, share and view your shortened links. We will continue to make updates based on your feedback, so let us know your thoughts. Send us an email to support(at)bitly(dot)com or tweet at us @bitly. We have more exciting updates on the way!