The Guy Fieri review lives on: Watching a link’s popularity continue


                                                              Photo credit: Casey Kelbaugh for the NYTimes 

At the end of 2012, we shared some of the most popular bitly links of the year from The New York Times in a bundle. With a little bitly science we discovered that the infamous restaurant review of Guy’s American Kitchen was the third most clicked link from The New York Times. Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight blog and a slideshow of Taylor’s rule in Liberia came in first and second, respectively. 

To our great surprise, the love for this Guy Fieri review is large and ongoing. The link continues to see clicks across the web as we complete the first month of 2013. By viewing the stats for the aggregate link (just add a + to the end of any bitly link and click on the global tab) you can see the past 30 days of clicks generated by all bitly links pointing to this page. It’s interesting to notice the peaks and troughs as this link continues to travel across the web. Just as it seems to slow down the link picks up again. 


After taking a closer look at where this link traveled we wanted to find out for ourselves whether Guy Fieri’s Test Kitchen lived up to the review. The bitly product team decided to be the guinea pigs and took a field trip to nearby Times Square for our own test. Remember that line in the article, “How did Nachos, one of the hardest dishes in the American canon to mess up, turn out so deeply unlovable?” We are still wondering the same, but the chicken wings were unanimously voted most tasty. We’ll be going to another restaurant based on click popularity soon. 


Some of the dishes we tried (Clockwise from upper left): Pulled Pork Slyders, Bacon Chicken Mac & Cheese, Sangria Glazed Shrimp. Photo by: Julia Wilson.

If you’re interested in attempting your own restaurant or recipe test based on popularity- check out bitly realtime. You’ll find all the popular bursting bitly links in realtime based on any search you enter. Share your favorite link finds below, and it just might be our next visit.