bitly for Community Managers and Digital Strategists

Community managers and digital strategists are always looking for ways to do their job better. At bitly, we make it a little easier to organize and track all the stuff you share every day with the people you care about, so that you can better understand what is working and what is not. We make it easy for you to understand how, where and when your links are traveling across the web. Here are some bitly tips for any community manager or digital strategist just starting out with bitly.

With a free bitly account you can…

  • Save links and find them later in your bitmarks list on the web or iphone app
  • Share directly to Facebook, Twitter, or any email address
  • Count clicks on your shortlinks, and see detailed analytics for link activity in the past 30 days
  • Set up a custom short domain for better branding across the web
  • Organize and share links on one page with bundles
  • Use bitly to search for popular web content  

Save links and find them later, wherever you are

Tired of sorting through old tweets and emails to find a link to that great article or website? Your bitmarks list will display all the links you’ve saved with bitly. Use the search box and sorting tool to find any link within a matter of seconds.


If you’re often on-the-go, download the bitly iPhone app. It will give you instant access to all your bitmarks and bundles wherever you may be.

Count clicks on all your links

After saving a bitmark, bitly will keep track of how many times your shortlink is clicked. You can see detailed stats on all link activity that has taken place in the past 30 days on your stats page.

Set up a custom short domain for better branding across the web

For more consistent branding across the web, purchase a custom short domain and connect it to your bitly account. This domain would take the place of “” or “” in your shortlinks. For example, NASA uses the custom domain ‘’. Learn more about setting up your own custom domain here.

Organize and share links on one page with bundles

Bundles are a simple way to organize your links based on an idea, event or theme. What should you bundle? The possibilities are endless. Learn how to get started here.


Each week Huge creates a bundle of interesting articles to share with all employees at the agency. Learn more here.

Use realtime to search for popular web content  

With the bitly labs project realtime it is now possible to navigate through the stories that the world is paying attention to right now. Find new, interesting content around a topic or location of your choice.


Realtime is really exciting for combining social and SEO efforts. I usually search by a broad keyword (say, ‘SEO’) and research the articles currently being shared on social networks to create a story. The story phrases are great recommendations for social messaging keywords, and showing the domains where the hottest articles are being shared is great for content discovery.”  - Jen Marie Robustelli, Marketing and Social Media Coordinator at Conductor.


Interested in learning more? We’d be happy to help. Tweet @bitly or email community[at] with questions or ideas. We also hope to see you this Friday, February 1st for a breakfast discussion on engaging your community. Learn more at