Three ways to engage your community

Last week, we hosted our first bitly breakfast at bitly HQ. We brought together community managers and digital strategists for an early morning discussion on how to build community. Dave Brown from MKG, Meghan Peters from Mashable, and Emily Miethner from NY Creative Interns were invited as panelists and provided a great discussion with helpful advice. Here are a few ideas that emerged from the panel:

Share meaningful content

When making the decision to share content Dave asks himself three questions: “Is it meaningful? Is it sharable? Is it awesome?” If you can answer ‘yes’ to all three of these questions, then you know you have meaningful content worthy of being shared.


Photos by Katie Curri & Dave Brown

Remember that you know your community best

Emily shared her experience starting a highly curated job board on the NY Creative Interns website. The idea was born after hearing feedback from young creatives on how difficult it was to find interesting, high-quality job postings on the web. Because Emily and her team know and understand the people involved in their community, they keep this knowledge in mind when selecting which opportunities are best fit for the job board.

Take time to go offline

While it’s easy for Community Managers and Digital Strategists to get sucked into the trap of spending all their time in front of a computer screen, the best way to genuinely engage with your community is to occasionally take it offline. For example, Dave and Meghan have helped organize the Community Manager Meetup in NYC, a chance for Community Managers and Digital Strategists to meet in real life and build connections.

Each panelist also created a bundle filled with useful resources, tools and articles for Community Managers, which you can view below. The bitly community team created one as well.

Dave’s bundle
Emily’s bundle
Meghan’s bundle
Our bundle

Thank you to everyone who attended the event. We’ll keep you updated about bitly breakfasts in the future. Have any suggestions for upcoming breakfast topics? Share them with us in the comments, or email community [at]