bitly Pro is now… bitly!

Since launching in December of 2009, our bitly Pro whitelabel service has grown to power over 10,000 custom short domains, including but by no means limited to (The Gates Foundation),, (Diddy), (His Holiness the Dalai Lama), and (South Park Studios).

To make our whitelabel service available to as many of our users as possible, we are not only bringing bitly Pro out of beta — we are building it right into the core functionality of bitly itself. As of today, every bitly user can set up a custom short domain from within their bitly account settings, free of charge and with no waiting period. Just register the short domain of your choosing, point it to our servers, and hook it up to your bitly account at or by selecting “Settings” from the drop-down menu under your username.

If you want some ideas for short domains to use with bitly and information about where these domains can be purchased, and 101domain are great place to start.

Along with a custom short domain, every bitly user can now register a tracking domain to see how their content is performing across the distributed social web. Once you’ve set up a tracking domain (which must be a domain that you own and control), your bitly analytics dashboard will provide a summary of all shortening and click activity on bitly links pointing to that domain, including links that were created by other bitly users.

As the universe of bitly short domains continues to expand, we’ve set up a central location for shortening, sharing and tracking your links at bitly.comJust head over to, log in with your existing bitly account (or create a new account), and select the short domain you’d like to use for each link you create. You can also choose a default short domain from within your bitly account settings, which will apply both to links you create on and to links you create with any third party clients you have logged in to with your bitly account. Whether you prefer,, or your own custom short domain, the links you create will all appear in your user history for easy sharing and tracking.

Exciting new projects are being powered by bitly’s custom short domain service every day; MapQuest is now using bitly to create a canonical URL for every address in the world, and the United States government is using bitly to shorten all applicable .gov and .mil content to 1.usa.govAnd now you can use bitly to power your own custom short domain without any additional sign-ups or permissions! Boom.

Our Enterprise service is unaffected by this change - in fact, we’ve recently rolled out some visual enhancements to our Enterprise dashboard, making it even easier to track your content in realtime across the entire social web.