Marketers, fuel your brand for the holiday shopping season!

If you’re a marketer for a retail brand, you’ve definitely spent long hours over many months strategically planning for the fast approaching Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday. At this point, most of the hard work is done. However, smart social marketers know that their loyal customers and fans will be sharing their amazing offers all over the social web and are planning for a high-level of activity this week. Owning and monitoring this valuable content is imperative for branding and Bitly has an easy starting solution for marketers.

1. BRAND and CUSTOMIZE your links

Out of the billions of links being shortened at Bitly, the highest performing have two things in common:

  1. They are branded with a branded short domain and

  2. They are customized with a strong and unique call to action using a Custom Vanity Hash.   

For example:

branded tweets

A major retail brand increased their click-through rate by approximately 500% after taking these two simple steps.  

2. PLAN a strategy that understands your audience

You must understand when your audience is listening. Bitly Brand Tools allow you to identify the days and times your audience is most active through the Trend Report, easily accessible in the ‘Reports’ tab. Simply click on ‘Overview’ and then select ‘Trend’ from the dropdown menu. Review these days and times and plan accordingly.

Trend Report example:

time of day information

3. REPOST exceptional offers and content multiple times

Remember: shortlinks have limited half-life, especially on Twitter. Reposting gives your offer the frequency needed to reach more of your audience. Brands who are hesitant about duplicating messages may change some of the language, keeping each post fresh.

Half-life of a link by social network

Twitter – 2.8 hours

Facebook – 3.2 hours

Direct (email/IM) – 3.4 hours

YouTube – 7.4 hours

4. TRACK your holiday campaigns separately from your regular content

By creating a sub-account for your holiday offers, you can track them independently and know the precise performance of each. Segment your reporting by creating sub-accounts with Bitly Brand Tools and easily generate a detailed report with aggregated analytics from all your holiday specific content.  

Save yourself much needed time and look like a rock star when you show your boss specific offer data plus aggregated analytics across all of your content.

BONUS: Are you planning to share your content on several platforms? You can track the performance of each by creating multiple Bitly shortlinks for the same long link, then compare how each performs across social channels or when shared by different individuals.

Learn how to do this here.

Holidays are not the only time to take advantage of this strategy. It can be incorporated into your social media and paid advertising year round to promote new products, seasonal references or exclusive offers.

If you have any questions about your Bitly account, or just want to share your cool holiday branding strategies with us, feel free to reach out to

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