Visualizing The NASA Shuttle Launch with Public Data

A couple weeks ago, we announced a fantabulous open data hack day to be held on Friday July 29th. Since then, our data team has been playing with the clickstream data for the project, which has been publicly mirrored on the site. Here’s a nifty visualization of click traffic to links on July 8th, the day of the last manned NASA space shuttle launch:

Since is one of the many US government and military sites that shortens to, you can see the entire world light up as the launch takes place around 16:30 GMT.

If you’re interested in playing around with this data at our office on July 29th, you can sign up for the New York branch of the hackathon on our Meetup page here. Information about the San Diego, San Francisco and Washington D.C. hackathons (hosted by Measured Voice, SimpleGeo and respectively) is available via the blog. Wherever you are, we encourage you to hack away at the data, and share your project via Twitter using the #1USAgov hashtag.

To help get you started, our friends at Measured Voice have put together a tool called “gogogon,” which produces a list of the daily list of the most-clicked URLs. You can play around with the gogogon code over at github.