Social Engagement: How Content Spreads, panel at Social Data Week. 

A few weeks ago our CEO Mark Josephson spoke on a Social Data Week panel with Eric Harris, EVP of Business Operations at BuzzFeed, where they chatted about social engagement and how content spreads online. The panel was moderated by author and speaker, Mark Jeffries.

In the half hour they discussed a variety of topics including what defines engagement, the possibility of using data to help content go viral, and whether it’s possible to predict what content will go viral next.

Mark discussed the typical patterns we see unfold with popular content shared on Bitly. “We’re amassing a tremendous amount of data and getting an incredible amount of proprietary insight into how people use the web and what they love and what they engage with,” he said.

They also spoke a bit about what great content is, and whether the transparency of social media has forced brands and governments to become more honest. “Social media has democratized the voices of the individual…I’m really interested in learning more in my new time in social and data platforms, to see how the platforms are being put in place for governments, brands and businesses to harness those voices because they’re exploding,” Mark said.

You can watch the entire panel above.