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5 Ways to Create Quick and Easy Content

Content marketing has grown rapidly in the past year - and it’s not going anywhere. In the age where content reigns king, it can be challenging for marketers to keep up with the demand for fresh content. We spoke with Heather MacLean, CMO of marketing and consulting company TaylorMade Solutions, about five quick and easy ways to create great content.

1) Repurpose your larger pieces of content: Ebooks, case studies and white papers are great sources to repurpose content. Take a look at your existing materials and see if they can be used to create a series of blog posts, top 10 lists, or pull quotes to use on social media channels. To make it even easier, start to think about how you want to repurpose these larger projects in their planning stages. An ebook can easily be split up into a series of blog posts, highlighting some of the main takeaways while also serving as early promotion for your larger content projects.

2) Revisit your evergreen pieces: Your evergreen content is a great source for a quick and easy content win. Evergreen content is always relevant and beneficial to your community and can benefit your customers who signed up last year or your prospects currently in the sales funnel. Evergreen content attracts continuous attention on its own but as your community grows, there’s a greater chance they might not have seen it. By revisiting and repurposing your content, you continue to support your customers with a valuable resource without having to start from the research and planning stages.

3) Look for opportunities to “newsjack”: Pay attention to breaking news within your industry. There are always opportunities to “newsjack,” or capitalize on recent events in your space. Use breaking news to create posts for your blog or social media campaigns. Newsjacking can be as easy as curating this news for your community or recapping the news and offering an analysis on it. Not only is this an easy content win, but it also can help build your credibility in the industry and your reputation as a thought leader.

4) Use your personal experiences: We can learn from our past mistakes and chances are, your customers or community can learn from them too. Take your own experiences and identify what worked or didn’t work while trying to solve a problem. Offering advice from your experience can position you as a resource while helping your audience improve upon what they’re doing.

5) Reach out to your community: Identify and reach out to your brand advocates for possible contribution opportunities. Brand advocates are one of the strongest resources a marketer can have because they see and communicate the value of your product or service on their own. Although marketing is evolving, the importance of the customer is only continuing to grow. The relationship between the customer and the brand set quality brands apart from mediocre ones. Acknowledging your brand advocates for their support and offering them opportunities to contribute not only builds your relationships with the community, but adds another perspective to your content pieces.

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Social Engagement: How Content Spreads, panel at Social Data Week. 

A few weeks ago our CEO Mark Josephson spoke on a Social Data Week panel with Eric Harris, EVP of Business Operations at BuzzFeed, where they chatted about social engagement and how content spreads online. The panel was moderated by author and speaker, Mark Jeffries.

In the half hour they discussed a variety of topics including what defines engagement, the possibility of using data to help content go viral, and whether it’s possible to predict what content will go viral next.

Mark discussed the typical patterns we see unfold with popular content shared on Bitly. “We’re amassing a tremendous amount of data and getting an incredible amount of proprietary insight into how people use the web and what they love and what they engage with,” he said.

They also spoke a bit about what great content is, and whether the transparency of social media has forced brands and governments to become more honest. “Social media has democratized the voices of the individual…I’m really interested in learning more in my new time in social and data platforms, to see how the platforms are being put in place for governments, brands and businesses to harness those voices because they’re exploding,” Mark said.

You can watch the entire panel above.