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5 Dos and Don’ts of Email Marketing

In an age where inboxes are constantly flooded with new messages, it can be a challenge to make sure yours rises to the top. That’s why we asked our Senior Director of Digital Marketing, Laura Maiurano, for 5 dos and don’ts to help you become an email marketing superstar. Laura has been working with marketing automation for the last six years and has helped develop email marketing, lead scoring, lead nurturing programs for both small and large organizations. Here are her guidelines to perfecting your email marketing strategy:

Bitly Audience Data

1) DO: Start with a personalized message
DON’T: Use a generic greeting

Great emails start with a personalized message like “Dear Laura.” If you don’t have a name in your marketing automation database, set a default greeting that’s relevant to your audience. You can even take your personalization a step further and add the customer’s name into the subject line.

Personalization doesn’t just include how you greet your customers - it also pertains to how you sign your emails. Whenever possible, include a real email address that customers can reach out to and a personalized signature with contact information.

2) DO: Include a CTA in each email
DON’T: Include multiple CTAs

Emails should always have a prominent call-to-action that’s relevant to the content the CTA is directing to. If you’re sharing a webinar with your customers, then your CTA should be along the lines of “Watch Webinar.” You can include more than one CTA in the email - Laura’s a fan of using one above and below the fold in an email - as long as they direct to the same content. Don’t include different CTAs that a customer can take through an email campaign - it only ends up confusing the recipient and decreasing the likelihood that the will click through.

3) DO: Track what drives conversions
DON’T: Assume open rate is a good measure of success

Be sure to track what in your emails drives conversions. Always track the open rate, click-through rate and conversion rate, as well as who is converting from prospects to customers and why they converted. While open rate is a good way to measure the effectiveness of a subject line, it’s not necessarily an accurate metric to use when measuring conversions. Click-through rates are a stronger indication of interest.

4) DO: Offer the option to unsubscribe
DON’T: Use a global unsubscribe button

It’s mandatory to include an unsubscribe button in all of your emails but instead of using a global unsubscribe button, which unsubscribes your audience from every email you send, give your audience the option to decide what content they want to receive. This way, you give your prospects the option to opt-out of webinar invites but they can still receive product updates. Subscription management allows you to save a relationship that you might have burned using a global unsubscribe button.  

5) DO: Design all emails to be responsive
DON’T: Have inconsistent design between emails and landing pages

Emails should always be branded and match the look and feel of your overall marketing materials. Responsive design ensures that your well-thought out, branded email design renders well across all devices. Be sure to match your email design to the landing page the CTAs within the email direct to - email designs that match landing pages increase conversion rate.


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Connect your iPhone contacts to the bitly app!

As we’ve mentioned in the past, the bitly iPhone app is a great way to access all of your favorite links when away from your desktop, and a great way to share your links via Facebook and Twitter. But did you know you can also connect your iPhone contacts list to the app, making it the ultimate tool for sharing your favorite links with others? You will be able to seamlessly email or text message any of your bitly links to all of your iPhone contacts straight from the app.

When you first install the app you will be prompted to give bitly access to your contacts list. If you said OK, then you are all set and ready to share. If not, you can still give bitly permission to access your contacts. To do this, head to iPhone settings -> Privacy -> Contacts, and turn the bitly switch to ‘on’. (Do not worry- we value your privacy and would never send anything without your permission.)


From there you can head to the bitly app. Simply click on any link in your list, and press the orange share button (with the megaphone icon) on the top right corner of the screen.


When sending an Email the app will immediately retrieve address results from your iPhone contacts list.


Or send your link as a Message; it will include your shortlink and the link title, which you can edit before sending to friends. The message will send as an iMessage or Text Message (depending on the type of phone you recipient has.)  

It’s as simple as that! Need to download the iPhone app? You can find it here. Have any questions or ideas? Share the in the comments or reach out to community[at]