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Announcing our Moz partnership

At Bitly, we’re always working to empower people to make better decisions by providing insight into the connected world. Our commitment to this statement is why we’re constantly thinking of new and innovative ways to help brands, publishers, agencies and users utilize our data.

We’re excited to announce our partnership with Moz, the industry’s most popular provider of search engine and social optimization software. Moz has chosen us to provide comprehensive click tracking data to discover, score and display inbound links from across the internet. Our data will allow Moz customers to have a clear and complete understanding of who is linking to any website and how relevant or valuable those links are for the brand based on the number and frequency of the clicks.

We have a unique view of how links are shared across the internet, and our differentiated dataset can help all marketers make better decisions. We’re excited to put this into action with Moz so their clients can better understand how content is shared across the web.


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Exciting new features in iPhone app version 1.2.7 

Today we’ve released a pretty big update to our iPhone app. A lot of our changes were based on great community feedback from the past few months. The bundles experience has been completely revamped, and there are also added tools to help track stats more efficiently when you’re on the go. You can install the latest version of the app here. Take a closer look at some of our new features below.

Tracking domain stats (paid feature)

For paid clients you can now see stats for all of your tracking domains over the past seven days, or select a particular domain to track. You can learn more about signing up for a paid account here.

tracking domains are available for paid bitly accounts

More insightful stats

You can now visualize your link’s traffic for the past week compared with traffic from all Bitly links pointing to the same content. Use the toggles above the graphs to turn these data sets on and off. 

more insightful stats now in the iPhone app

Scroll down a bit further to see your previous Facebook and Twitter shares or see who else has shared links to the same content.

See who's shared bitly links to the same content

A completely revamped bundle experience

It’s now much easier to sort through your bundles via the app. You also have more control of your bundles with the ability to add and remove curators, delete bundles, or change a bundle title or description.  

improved bundles experience in the iphone app

So what are you waiting for? Download the app here. Have any questions? Email support[at]

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Track your own stats: save links while signed in

Sometimes, the most interesting data is closest to home: what’s happening with the specific bitly links that you are sharing?

Good news! You can gather information all about your own bitly links - just by creating a bitly account.

There are a bunch of great reasons to sign up for a bitly account - you can access our cool tools like the Chrome Extension and Bitmarklet, track information about all of your links and organize your bitly links with bundles.

Here’s one more reason - only if you have a bitly account can you generate your own, unique bitly link. This unique bitly link will let you track information specific to your link, like who’s clicking on your link, how your link’s traffic compares to others’ and which social networks are driving traffic to your link.

Saving links without a bitly account

When you shorten a link without signing into a bitly account, we give you what we call a ‘global bitly link.’ We give the same exact bitly link to every user who shortens a link to that same long URL if they are not signed into an account.

global link

When you visit the info page for any of our global bitly links (which you can do by adding a ‘+’ sign to the end of a bitly link), you’ll see the stats collected for all bitly links that direct to that content. It doesn’t matter how many users create a bitly link to this long URL - all the stats are aggregated together to track the total number of clicks among all bitly links.

Track your stats with a bitly account

If you create a shortlink while signed into a bitly account, you are given your own unique bitly link. By having your own bitly link, you can track your stats separately from those of anyone else who creates a bitly link to the same content.

With a bitly account, you can do more than check your own stats - you can see how your link compares to other bitly links and track its influence on the internet.

your stats

global vs your stats

Importing bitly links

If you’ve been shortening links without a bitly account, that’s okay. You can import the last ten links you’ve shortened on that device into your bitly account when you create it.

import links

After you log in to your new bitly account, click on the ‘Import these links’ button and the shortlinks will be saved into your account. You’ll be given a new bitly link for each of the links you’ve saved - this will allow you to track your individual stats on the info page for your new bitly link.

You can sign up for a bitly account here. Have any questions? We’re here to help! Email us with any questions, comments or ideas at support [at] bitly [dot] com.

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Improvements to tracking your links with bitly

Over the past few months we have been working on some exciting improvements to the way we show link stats. Your feedback inspired these improvements, and members of the bitly community beta tested them. We are excited to share them with you today.

The improved link stats view — which you can access by adding a “+” to any bitly link or by clicking “view stats” on any link in your history — shows you much more than just the number of times your link has been clicked. You can now compare your bitly link’s performance to that of all bitly links pointing to the same content, find out who else is sharing a bitly link to the same content, and see what social networks and geographic regions are providing traffic easier than ever before.

A better bar graph

The bar graph at the center of the link stats page now lets you visualize your link’s traffic alongside that of all bitly links pointing to the same content. Use the toggles above the graph to turn these data sets on and off. View stats for the past hour, day, week or month by selecting one of the time options listed above the graph on the left.

For links more than a day old, you can see hourly click breakdowns for any day in the bar graph. Simply hover over a bar in the graph, and click ‘view hourly breakdown’. This can help you see the exact pattern of traffic that a link received on a given day.

A better bar graph 

Other bitly users who shared the same link

Interested in comparing your click stats to those of other bitly users? At the bottom of the page, you can see the other people who shared a bitly link to the same content. You will see up to six people, sorted by the number of clicks their link received. This list will only display people who have publicly saved this link with bitly. (Learn more about the difference between public and private links here.) people who shared this link 

Stats at a glance and link insights

At the top of the link stats page, you will see three different numbers: total clicks on your bitly link, total clicks on all bitly links to that same content, and the percentage of the total clicks that came from your bitly link. Below these stats is your bitly shortlink to copy.

link stats page title 

Right underneath the header block, you will now see link insights that tells you something interesting about your bitly link, and how it performs compared to other bitly links that direct to the same content.

bitly breakfast invite bitly breakfast invitebitly breakfast invite 

See which social networks are driving traffic to your link

Below the bar graph, you will see the list of domains where your bitly link was clicked. Clicks from large social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn or Google+ are added up and displayed together. Even better, if you connect your Twitter account to bitly, you can see recent tweets that include a link to the content you saved.   

social networks your clicks are coming from 


Any clicks on domains that are not part of a major social network, such as a blog or corporate website, will be represented under “other”.

Where in the world your clicks are coming from

You can now gain a better understanding of where your bitly link is being clicked with a heat map that displays countries with higher click rates in red. To the right of the map, you will see a list breakdown of clicks by country, as we ll as the percentage of the total clicks that came from that country.

geographic distribution of links

We’d love to know what you think about these improvements to the link stats page! Please send any questions or comments to support [at], or send a tweet to @bitly. Need a bitly account? Sign up here

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Welcome to bitly: Billions and Billions Served


The Web does not just connect machines, it connects people.” - Sir Tim Berners-Lee

Since January 2011 we’ve seen nearly 100 billion human clicks on bitly-powered links. Whether it’s the fascination with the russian meteor, Rand Paul’s filibuster, or the cutest of kittens, the social web surprises and gratifies us daily. We’re grateful for the trust and the opportunity to discover and learn about human behavior at the scale of human behavior, and we’re taking a moment to say “wow” before we get back to our regular programming.

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6 Reasons Why You Should Sign Up for a bitly Account

We’ve released additional features with the new bitly, and the best way to take advantage is by signing up with your own free account. Why create an account? Here are some key benefits: 

1. The Chrome Extension and Bitmarklet make saving and sharing easy

Bitmarks are the interesting links you collect across the web. With a bitly account you can start using the Chrome extension or Bitmarklet, two tools that make it possible to save, bundle and share bitmarks to Facebook, Twitter, and email, right from your browser.

chrome extension

2. All of your bitmarks accessible wherever you are

When you save a link with a bitly account you can find it in your bitmark list. View your bitmarks at any time when logged into your account on the web or with the iPhone app.  


3. Curate your links around a theme with bitly bundles

bitly bundles make it possible to organize and curate your bitmarks around different themes or ideas. Create a recipe bundle of all your favorite crockpot recipes or use a bundle to brainstorm your next big trip- the possibilities are endless. You can also add multiple curators to a bundle so they can include their bitmarks as well.


4. Discover new stuff through your network view

Many users connect their Facebook and Twitter accounts to bitly for easier sharing. An added advantage to connecting these accounts is your network view, where you can see the public bitmarks saved by the people you know on Facebook and Twitter. See something you like? Save it to your own bitmark list.


5. Your very own bitly profile page

Signing up with bitly means you’ll have a public profile where all your public bitmarks & bundles are published. To learn more about recent improvements we’ve made to profiles, check out this previous post.


6. Stats, all on one page

Your stats page allows you to see click counts for all bitmarks saved in the past 30 days. You’ll see the number of clicks on your bitmark, as well as the total number of saves on bitly and total clicks the link has generated.


Excited to get started? Click here to sign up for your own bitly account.